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VOIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol
Inprotech Solutions provides inbound and outbound VoIP traffic to all destinations in conjunction with preferred careers. We allow Carriers and Resellers to join and grow along with us.


VoIP Solutions

VoIP Internet telephony is the communication service that is transferred on the World Wide Web. The steps involved in originating a VoIP telephone call are:
Digitization of the analog voice signal
Signaling and media channel setup
Transmission as IP packets over a packet-switched network

VoIP systems utilize session management protocols to run the set-up and teardown of calls as well as audio codec that encode speech, letting transmission over an IP network as digital audio via an audio stream.
As the pursuit for the best telecommunication service continue in the contemporary world, VoIP networks continue their rapid growth with operators experiencing complexity and safety issues when interconnecting with other networks.

Voice Termination

With outstanding infrastructure and termination partners internationally, Inprotech Solutions provides High Quality Termination at competitive rates. Since we directly interconnect to the local & International termination gateways, stability is maintained 24/7.
Voice Termination Features:
Direct & Wholesale routes to carriers for best ASR & ACD
Outstanding voice quality
24 x 7 customer service & technical assistance
On-line Billing Call Detail Records (CDR) and account information in real time
Ready for Testing