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Microsoft Technologies

The best-runbusinesses “run better” with the use of SAP software to handle their day-to-day business transactions and processes.
SAP ERP HCM is a comprehensive, integrated human resources management solution that delivers unmatched global capability. SAP HCM gives organizations the tools needed to manage your organization’s most important asset, your employees.

Whether you have a small number of local employees, or a large number of global employees, an effective HR software solution such as SAP HCM can assist you in automating, streamlining and aligning HR processes with your business objectives.

Inprotech Solutions, with its experience is best suited to work with customers to implement the SAP HCM. We provide end-to-end services, which include consulting, design, development, implementation, and production support.  Contact us for more details.



Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a multi-purpose tool designed to cater to a variety of requirements. A majority of these requirements are common to enterprises of all sizes and industries. Though historically associated with web content management and document management, recent versions of SharePoint are increasingly well suited for business collaboration, process automation and business intelligence. Its features can facilitate intranet portals, document & file management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, websites, enterprise search and business intelligence enabled by reports and dashboards.

The comprehensiveness of features and a roadmap that addresses future needs of a modern enterprise makes it a compelling proposition for enterprise adoption, evident from the fact that today SharePoint is used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies.

Inprotech Solutions will take all of your company’s needs into consideration when customizing a SharePoint solution. Our experienced consultants can help you to install and customize your SharePoint environment to meet your organizations unique requirements.